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CIO+ cykellygterne genererer sin egen strøm ved brug af et friktionsfrit system, der består af to små magneter monteret på egerne og en generator integreret i selve lygten.

I denne opgraderede "+" version kommer sættet med to ekstra magneter der leverer ekstra kraftigt lys til lygterne.


Prisvindende dansk design

CIO har modtaget en Reddot designpris for sit unikke og strømlinede design med et integreret monteringssystem, som giver mulighed for nem installation på næsten enhver cykel.


Lygterne monteres nemt og hurtigt med ReeMount™ og den medfølgende nøgle. ReeMount™ er et patenteret stålwire-bespændingssystem, der gør det nemt og sikkert at placere lygterne korrekt på cyklen. Wiren er lavet i nylonbelagt rustfrit stål, hvilket sikrer en fast montage og minimerer risikoen for brud og tyveri.

ReePower™ Flash

CIO kommer med nyeste version af ReePower™ - Reelights backup system der lader lygterne blinke i to minutter, når cyklisten holder stille. Den nye opdaterede version sikrer en endnu hurtigere opladning, og at backupfunktionen altid er tilgængelig når der er brug for den.

Sættet indeholder: For- og baglygte, fire magneter, monteringsvejledning og monteringsværktøj.

Drevet af magneter - Ingen friktion
Bruger ingen batterier
Overholder dansk lovgivning
Fortsætter med at blinke i to min.
Blinkende lys
Vandtæt og designet til barske vejrforhold.
Monteres på få sekunder med ReeMount™
Værktøj inkluderet
Kraftigt sikkerhedslys
Permanent monteret
- reducerer ulykker med 47%
Kun til almindelige eger

Unboxing: CIO (V3)

Unboxing: CIO (V2) LHT

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Waste of money

The slant of my rear fork makes the light useless, unless I want to be seen by aircrafts.

The front light is equally useless, being my fork-rim distance too big to keep the light straight.

This is my second failed purchase at Reelight, mainly because of their poor product descriptions that does not help customers understand whether their lights suit different bike models.

Instead of paying again some € 20 for an international return I'd rather throw these lights away this time.

Dear Andre,

We apologize for the inconvenience you experienced with CIO+. We have a comprehensive FAQ ( that addresses issues like the ones you encountered. We are committed to assisting our customers who have difficulty installing our products, so please feel free to reach out to us at Thank you.

Maybe faulty, or else very bad..

Bought them from another dealer, but impossible to attach:
one of the magnets couldn’t be tightened, kept going loose.
The lights themselves couldn’t stay tight, could just wriggle them loose with no effort. And yes I really tightened with full force.
Also the dealer have send me the standard CIO though they sold
It as the + version, and it had clearly been opened before.
I’ll give you guys the benefit of doubt since so many people have left positive reviews, but I’m really disappointed.

Hi Peter,

Due to the box being opened, we cannot assure the product's quality and recommend returning the lights to the dealer for a refund.

Nice product

The lights work well and last a decent time after stopping. However they are more noisy than expected, even when the distance to the magnet is a bit larger than indicated by the instructions. When installing the lights, you should be careful not to tighten them too much. I might have ruined the screwhead on one of the lights during installation, as I wasn't sure how tight it needed to be, to stay in place in the long term.

Thank you a lot for the feedback Troels! If the screwhead on the light was damage during installation it is covered by our warranty. Should you experience any issues, please contact us at

Un excellent feu de vélo

Un excellent feu de vélo qui s'allume automatiquement dès qu'on commence à rouler
Fonctionne parfaitement, très efficace
Marche avec toutes tailles de fourches
Je recommande vivement!!

Merci beaucoup Étienne !

Ciò+ very good

Sono di ottima fattura, il montaggio è stato piuttosto semplice, funzionano molto bene, ottimi per essere visti, lo sforzo aggiuntivo alla pedalata è praticamente nullo, l'anteriore non è sufficiente per illuminare una strada buia. Il lampeggio continua anche da fermo, parecchio l'anteriore, un po' meno il posteriore.

Grazie mille Giorgio!